Khagaya Yoga is an effective way to take excellent care of yourself and your body. This unique Yoga method uses various Yoga sequences to strengthen and tone your body, combined with moments of relaxation to balance and centre yourself, making you feel happier, healthier and inspired to Love your Body and Love your Life.

This form of yoga is very self-healing: By moving in such a way that you, as it were, massage your body with your movements, the body opens up, releasing built up tension and stress, becoming more flexible and restoring the connection between all body parts. This allows the flow of breath – and with it the flow of life force energy – to flow freely in an energizing and vitalizing way throughout the body, stimulating your self-healing capacity and rejuvenation processes, leaving you feeling healthier and happier, light and free, inspired to Love your Body and Love your Life.

Khagaya Yoga invites you to be fully present inside your body, coming home inside yourself, connecting to all body sensations, sensing the flow of breath throughout your body, expanding and increasing your body awareness, which in itself is key in transformation.

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